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Portable Full Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Machine Unique In Design

Portable Full Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Machine Unique In Design

Portable Full Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Machine Unique In Design

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GTJ
Model Number: GTJ-U600

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: export package
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Specifications: GTJ-U600 Non-Metal Ultrasonic Detector Detection Range: 0~9999mm
Operating Frequency: 0.2~20MHz Dynamic Range: ≥36dB
Vertical Linearity Error: ≤2.5% Horizontal Linearity Error: ≤0.1%




GTJ-U600 full digital ultrasonic flaw detector


Usage overview
The GTJ-U600 all-digital ultrasonic flaw detector can quickly and flawlessly and accurately detect various defects (cracks, inclusions, pores, etc.) inside the workpiece. The product is unique in design, easy to operate, sturdy and durable. It adopts full Chinese true color liquid crystal display, and can choose different color schemes according to the environment. Under outdoor strong light, the liquid crystal brightness can be adjusted. The master-slave menu design, with digital shuttle wheel, easy to operate, leading technology. It is widely used in aerospace, railway transportation, building steel structure, boiler pressure vessel and other fields. It is necessary for defect detection, quality control, in-service safety monitoring and life assessment in railway, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical, shipbuilding, petroleum and other industries. Professional precision instruments.

Flaw detection standard: Built-in common detection standards in various industries, direct call, convenient and fast.
Weld joint diagram: Weld shape parameters can be set, and the weld map and the position of the defect in the weld are visually displayed in the flaw detection.
Automatic calibration: automatic calibration of probe zero and probe angle (K value); automatic measurement of sound speed.
Crest memory: The highest wave of defects is retrieved in real time, and the maximum value of defects is recorded.
Φ value calculation: Straight probe forgings are automatically calculated and the defect equivalent size is automatically determined after the highest wave is found.
Defect location: display defect level, depth (vertical), and sound path position in real time.
Quantification of defects: The defect equivalent dB value is displayed in real time.
Defect Qualitative: It is convenient for manual experience judgment by echo envelope waveform.
DAC/AVG: The curve is automatically generated, the sampling points are unrestricted, and compensation and correction can be performed. The curve automatically floats with the gain, automatically expands with the sound path, and automatically moves with the delay. Can display AVG curves of any aperture.
AWS D1.1: American Welding Society Standard, which provides a dynamic reflector "defect rating" for all types of AWS weld inspection applications. Manual calculation can be avoided to improve detection efficiency. (optional)
Crack height measurement: The crack height is automatically measured and calculated using the endpoint diffraction wave.
Widening in the door: Enlarge the echo details for easy echo analysis.
Continuous recording: Record waveforms in real time, store and play back.
Waveform Freeze: Freezes the waveform displayed on the screen for defect analysis.
Echo coding: Displaying the echo display area in 1~6 times in different colors, which is convenient for judging the defect position.
Gain: The total gain is 110dB, with 0, 0.1dB, 2dB, and 6dB steps. The unique fully automatic gain adjustment and sweep gain function make the flaw detection fast and accurate.
Gate alarm: door position, door width, door height can be adjusted arbitrarily; B gate can be set to enter wave alarm or wave loss alarm; buzzer and LED light in the gate (LED lamp alarm in noisy environment is very effective) alarm and close .
Real-time clock: Tracks the date and time of the real-time flaw detection, and records the storage.
Battery module: High-capacity lithium battery module, online charging and offline charging, which are convenient for flaw detection personnel.

The main technical parameters

Product Specifications GTJ-U600 Non-Metal Ultrasonic Detector
Detection range (0~9999)mm
Operating frequency (0.2~20)MHz
Sound speed range (1000~15000) m/s
Dynamic range ≥36dB
Vertical linearity error ≤2.5%
Horizontal linearity error ≤0.1%
Resolution >40dB (5P14)
Sensitivity margin >65dB (deep 200mm Ф 2 flat bottom hole)
Digital suppression (0~80)%, does not affect linearity and gain
Electrical noise level ≤ 8%
Probe type Straight probe, oblique probe, dual crystal probe, penetration probe
Gate entrance gate, loss gate; single gate reading, double gate reading
Pulse amplitude low (300V), medium (500V), high (700V) grading selection
Pulse width continuously adjusted in the range of (0.1~0.5)μs to match probes of different frequencies
Probe damping 100Ω, 200Ω, 400Ω optional
Real-time hardware sampling High-resolution 10-bit AD converter with sampling speed of 160MHz and high-fidelity waveform
Detection method positive half wave, negative half wave, full wave, radio frequency detection
Filter band (0.2~20)MHz, fully automatic matching according to probe frequency, no need to set manually
Data storage 100 sets of flaw detection parameter channels, 1000 flaw detection echo signals and parameters
Communication interface USB2.0 high-speed communication transmission interface
Power supply (DC) 9V; lithium battery for more than 8 hours of continuous operation
Dimensions 263×170×61 (mm)
Ambient temperature and humidity Temperature: (-10~50) °C Humidity: (20~95)%RH

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