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Wire Tensile ASTM Rubber Tensile Testing Machine WithFull Digital Display

Wire Tensile ASTM Rubber Tensile Testing Machine WithFull Digital Display

    • Wire Tensile ASTM Rubber Tensile Testing Machine WithFull Digital Display
    • Wire Tensile ASTM Rubber Tensile Testing Machine WithFull Digital Display
  • Wire Tensile ASTM Rubber Tensile Testing Machine WithFull Digital Display

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: wangtebei
    Model Number: WAW-300/600/1000/2000

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: export package
    Delivery Time: 15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
    Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Flat Specimen Range(mm): 0-60mm Round Specimen Range(mm): 10-80mm
    Compression Platen(mm): 200x200 Bending Support Roller Distance(mm): 350mm
    Bending Roller Dia.(mm): 30mm Accuracy Of Deformation: +/-0.5%

    1. introduction
    Computer Servo  Hydraulic Universal Tensile Testing Machine is for the stretching, compressing, cutting tests of metal, non-metal and composite materials (rubber, plastic, woven, steel materials, ceramics, etc.) It meets with the requirements of GB/T228-2002, Tensile Testing Method of Metal Materials at Room Temperature. It is widely used in aerospace industry, petrochemical industry, mining establishments, metallurgical enterprises, quality units, research institutes, college labs, etc.
    2. specification

    structure2 columns 2 lead screws4 columns 2 lead screws4 columns 2 lead screws4 columns 2 lead screws
    Measuring force range2%-100%FS
    Accuracy of load+/-1%( or +/-0.5%)
    Accuracy of deformation+/-0.5%
    Deformation measuringClip-on extensometer, standard gauge length, elongation 5/10/25mm
    Max. tensile space(mm)550600750800
    Max. compression space(mm)450500600700
    Flat specimen range(mm)0-150-300-4020-60
    Round specimen range(mm)Dia. 10-32Dia.13-40Dia.13-60Dia.35-80
    Compression platen(mm)200x200200x200200x200200x200
    Bending support roller distance(mm)350350350350
    Bending roller width100mm140mm140mm140mm
    Bending roller dia.(mm)30303050
    Ram stroke(mm)250250250250
    Clamping modeHydraulic automatic
    Dim. Of loading frame(mm)910x550x2370960x650x26001160x1100x2600
    Dim of control cabinet1100x700x950mm

    WAW-W series: computer control servo hydraulic universal testing machine
    WAW-P series: computer display hydraulic universal testing machine

    3. parameters can be measured
    For tensile test, the universal testing machine can measure following parameters according to different materials (not limit to the following):
    1)  Elongation:
    2)  Percentage elongation:
    3)  Percentage permanent elongation:
    4)  Percentage elongation after fracture:
    5)  Extensometer gauge length:
    6)  Extension:
    7)  Percentage extension/ strain:
    8)  Percentage permanent extension:
    9)  Percentage yield point extension:
    10)  Percentage total extension at maximum force:
    11)  Percentage plastic extension at maximum force:
    12)  Percentage total extension at fracture:
    13)  Maximum tensile force:
    14)  Stress:
    15)  Tensile strength:
    16)  Yield strength:
    17)  Upper yield strength:
    18)  Lower yield strength:
    19)  Proof strength/ plastic extension:
    20)  Proof strength, total extension:
    12)  Permanent set strength:
    22)  Modulus of elasticity:
    For compression test, this universal testing machine can measure following (not limit to the following):
    1)  Compression stress,
    2)  proof strength, non-proportional compression,
    3)  proof strength, total compression,
    4)  compressive yield strength,
    5)  upper compressive yield strength,
    6)  lower compressive yield strength,
    7)  compressive strength,
    8)  compressive modulus of elasticity
    The universal testing machine can also make bending and flexural test, shear test, peel test, high and low temperature test, assurance loading test, wedge test, etc. if equipped with relative test fixtures.
    4. software introduction
    4.1. Defined function: according to different types of users, different material properties, different test standards, different languages, flexible setting the test program to meet the test requirements.
    4.2. Input Function: Entry specimen parameters before the test, you can single input sample parameter, you can also batch input sample parameters, you can modify the sample parameters before the test, the specimen parameters can be modified after the test, fully satisfy your operating habits.
    4.3. In metal tensile test, Can automatically obtain Fel,Feh,Fp,Ft,Fm,Rel,Reh,Rp,Rt,Agt,Z,A,Rm, etc,Also can carry on the artificial recognition of for Fel, Fm, etc. and print the results accordingly. Can print different content of the report and curve according to the need.
    4.4. Testing standard:The program use the open database structure, integrating national,ISO,ASTM,JIS,DIN and other test method, also can customize as request;
    Can configure multiple sets of force sensor and extensometer, the user can switch at any time according to need.
    4.5. Data processing query functions: fully equipped data query function, print function, the export function to ensure the accuracy of the test data, reliability, real embody and reflect the nature and characteristics of the material test data.
    4.6. Curve point traversal functions: Through the mouse click on the curve of force and deformation values, to obtain various parameters of each point.
    4.7. Curve selection function: force-time, deformation-time, force-deformation, force-displacement four curves can be selected according the necessity to display and print; and we can switch observation at any time, any zoom (zoom in or zoom out), move it horizontally or vertically, and high-speed sampling at real-time.
    4.8. Auto saving: adopting the the database management way, the test data and curve automatically saved after the test.
    4.9. Automatic analysis:Finish test, the system automatically analysis, statistical test results.
    4.10. Test report: According to user required format to compile reports and can print bulk data.
    Load meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E4, ISO75000-1, EN 10002-2,
    BS1610, DIN 51221.
    Strain measurement meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E83, ISO 9513,
    EN 3846 and EN 1002-4.
    Technical specifications may be changed according to customer's requests

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