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High Temperature Electronic Tensile Testing Machine Compaction System

High Temperature Electronic Tensile Testing Machine Compaction System

    • High Temperature Electronic Tensile Testing Machine Compaction System
    • High Temperature Electronic Tensile Testing Machine Compaction System
  • High Temperature Electronic Tensile Testing Machine Compaction System

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: wangtebei
    Model Number: WTD

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: export package
    Delivery Time: 15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
    Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Model: WTD-5/10/20/50/100/200/500/600 Deformation Resolution: 1/400000
    Force Speed: 0.01-50 KN/s Deformation Speed: 0.01-30mm/min
    Displacement Speed: 0.01-500mm/min (can Be 1000mm/min) Tensile Fixture For Round And Flat Specimen: Standard One Set Tensile Fixture For Round Specimen, One Set Tensile Fixture For Round Specimen, One Set Of Compression Platen, Other Test Fixture Can Be Equipped According To Client’s Requirement Or Relative Test Method

    1. introduction

    The universal testing machine (UTM), also known as a universal tester, materials testing machine, materials test frame or tensometer, is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials. It can perform many standard tensile and compression tests on materials, components and structures, in other words, that it is versatile.


    2. specification


    Model WTD-5/10/20/50 WTD-100 WTD-200/300 WTD-500/600
    Max. capacity(kN) 5/10/20/50 100 200/300 500/600
    Measuring range 1%~100%FS(0.4%-100%FS)
    Grade Grade 1(Grade 0.5)
    Force resolution 1/400000
    Deformation measuring range 2%~100%FS
    Relative error of deformation value +/-1%(+/-0.5%)
    Deformation resolution 1/400000
    Force speed 0.01-50 kN/s
    Deformation speed 0.01-30mm/min
    Displacement speed 0.01-500mm/min (can be 1000mm/min) 0.01-300mm/min 0.01-250mm/min
    Tensile fixture for round and flat specimen Standard one set tensile fixture for round specimen, one set tensile fixture for round specimen, one set of compression platen, other test fixture can be equipped according to client’s requirement or relative test method
    According to test materials or client’s requirement
    High and low temperature test According to relative test method or client’s requirement
    Max. stroke of crossbeam 1090mm 1070mm 1140mm 1200mm
    Effective tensile space (equip with metal tensile fixture) 800mm 700mm 600mm 600mm
    Distance between columns 430mm 550mm 600mm 625mm
    Power 220V,1.0kw 220V,2kw 220V,3kw 380V,4kw
    Dim. Of loading frame(cm) 79x43x186 92x50x198 110x60x241 130x87x250
    Weight 400kg 700kg 1150/1250kg 2500kg


    Corresponding Standard:

    0.GB/T16491-1996 electronic universal testing machine

    1. GB/T4689.20-1996 measuring fastness of leather’s adhesion

    2. QB/T2710-2005 measuring leather’s expansion and the rate of elongation

    3. QB/T2711-2005 measuring tear force of leather

    4. QB/T2712-2005 measuring leather’s strength and stretch of spherical crack test

    5. TAPPI T-494,ISO 1924,ISO12625-4,AS/NZ1301.448s,BS EN ISO1924-2,CPPA D34,DIN 53112,SCAN P38

    6. Breaking strength (sample method) GB/TT3923.1 ,ISO13934.1 , ASTM D5035

    7. (Grab method) GB/T3923.2 ISO13934.2 ASTM D5034

    8. Tear strength (tongue-shaped tear) GB/T3917.2 ISO13937.2 ASTM D2261

    9. (Trapezoidal tear) GB/T3912.3 ISO9074.4 ASTM D5587

    10. Seam Slippage GB/T13772.1/2/3 ISO13936.1/2 ASTM D434

    11. Peel strength FZ/T01085 ASTM D2724/3936 AATCC 136 FZ/T80007.1 FZ/T01010 FZ/T60011

    12 Ball Bursting GB/T19976 FZ/T01030 ISO3303 ASTM D3787/6796

    13. Elastic Recovery FZ/T70005 FZ/T70006 BS 4952

    14. Single Yarn Strength GB/T3916/14344 ISO2062 ASTM D 2256

    15. Other standards GB4689.6 GB/T13763 GB/T13773 GB/T14800

    16. GB/T15788 GB/T16989 FZ/T01031 FZ/T20019

    17. FZ/T60005 FZ/T60006 FZ/T70007 ISO 13935.1/2

    18. ASTM D1683 ASTM D4964 ASTM D5733/5735 BS 3320


    4. features

    This universal testing machine adopts two strong supports, precise load cell to measure the load. Its crosshead can move up or down at a constant speed.


    This universal testing machine can program the crosshead speed or conduct cyclical testing, allow testing at a constant force, testing at constant deformation, testing at constant displacement, etc.


    This testing machine can equip with extensometers to measure the extension or deformation.


    According to test requirement for temperature, humidity, pressure, etc, special device, such as environmental chamber can be placed around the test specimen to do test in certain temperature, humidity or pressure.


    Matched with various test fixture, like peal, puncture, tear, pneumatic grip, belt tension, etc. This UTM can be used to metal, non-metal, composite materials like rubber, steel wire, plastic, seat belt, textile character test.


    Protecting functions of over load, over current, over voltage, crosshead limit moving space protection, auto stop at break.


    5. software introduction

    • Easy to control and friendly interface

    windows based interface, easy and fast to reach different functions, suitable for most of operators using habits. Integrated all common operation functions, like specimen information input, specimen choosing, curve plotting, data display, data process, data analysis, test operation etc., easy and convenient to operate.

    • Full digital display and computer control

    Adopting remote controller, fast response and reliable to parameter gathering. Realize digital adjustment and zeroing of load, deformation and displacement as well as PID parameter adjusting.

    • Different control mode & speed setting
    • Programmable control mode

    Users can program test mode according to their own requirements.

    • Load holding facility for a specific period:

    Report is editable


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